Monday, July 11, 2011

My Nightly Craving

Every night, before I go to sleep; I have the same craving...spicy food. It all started when I had tried my boyfriends moms spicy Italian stuffed shells about a week ago. Since then, I cant get the flavor out of my mind. I toss and turn, wishing I could have just one more bite. Since then, I try and make up for it by having other spicy food.( I had delicious pad Thai tonight...YUM!). However, in the back of my mind I still think of those shells. I fear the craving will only get worse with time. I fantasize about having a whole platter to myself. I even pictured myself bribing his mom to give me shells when ever I want them. They were that good!!!
 Sneaked one for a photo...Best part?...
I got to eat it afterward 


  1. Well I'd say you need to get the recipe! LOL. Love anything Italian. Pork Roast braised in tomato sauce in the oven is delicious too. Low and slow. Fork tender. It just falls apart. We got some spicy tomato sauce at Original Vincent's on Mott St. when we were in NYC. They sell over the internet. We tried it with bread when were there, but it was spicier as sauce over spaghets. mmmm.

  2. LOL!! I know right!! I'm gonna have to sneak off with it when shes not looking..hehe..I'm also gonna have to try that Vincent's sauce...its the oddest thing though...I've never liked spicy food until just I cant get the way I tried your zucchini recipe tonight and it was a huge hit...thanks again!


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