Sunday, April 24, 2011

the easter pickle

Hmmm...pickles?...Easter?...I guess they kinda fit. Deviled eggs are definitely not as delicious without them...but...pickles... on Easter cards?...
On my recent trip through the card aisle I couldn't help laughing when I saw it.... A pickle dressed as a I really have seen everything. however as a person who appreciates pickles... I just had to have it. Is this the start of a pickle card fad? can only hope so...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

my flea market escapades

        I have been starting to go to a flea market near my house every week now. I guess u can say I look forward to it. After being stuck indoors yesterday because of a massive rain storm...I thought for sure it wouldn't be open. However, when I woke up this morning... it was!! When i arrived... the ground was soggy and damp. However, I didn't let it bother me...There's just something about walking with your knees on blue tarps, that's really kinda fun. They also made it super easy to rummage. Yes... I am a rummager. I love digging through dirty old boxes in search of hidden treasures. Don't worry though.. I do wear gloves.

On today's trip,  I found a pretty lemon dipping bowl and a pair of blue earrings  (I cant wait to re- purpose). However, just when I was getting into my groove, it started to rain..down pour style. So.. I took what treasures I had found and went to pay. The man asked me three dollars for i offered him two and a half. I don't know if it was the rain or the silly grin on my face ...but he gave in and let me have everything for 2 dollars! I'd say I did pretty well! The funniest part though, was that it actually stopped raining just when I drove away. I was soaked....but...I had fun and I can't wait until next week!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

how i met your mother this show has been on for a while...However.. I only recently stumbled upon it. No surprise... there was nothing good on TV. My usual channels failed me...bravo and the food I resorted to flipping. I guess it is possible to get bored of the housewives of whatever and diners, drive ins, and dives. However... I'm not complaining.....I found my new favorite show... I just finished watching the first season and I'm addicted. Whenever I'm in a bad mood or just need a quick pick me up... I pop it in. I guess there is like 6 seasons or I have plenty of good entertainment ahead of me. Cant wait to see what happens next!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

toothpaste love affair

      You are probably wondering why I wrote a blog post about tooth paste. Well...this product was truly that amazing... I have been having severe gum and tooth pain for a long time. Not knowing the cause..I started doing research... After reading an article about the harmful affects of toxins in fluoride, sodium lauryl and parabens. I decided to make a switch. I chose an all natural tooth paste by Natures Gate. It has pomegranate, aloe, white tea, and bisabobol among others.With in one use I started to see results...Instantly I was pain free! They were also super shiny.Basically, my teeth have finally found peace!..and I have fallen for Natures Gate creme de peppermint! Im not saying... change your tooth paste...but definitely educate yourself on what you are brushing your teeth with...they say.... do not swallow for a reason!
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