Friday, July 22, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Nightly Craving

Every night, before I go to sleep; I have the same craving...spicy food. It all started when I had tried my boyfriends moms spicy Italian stuffed shells about a week ago. Since then, I cant get the flavor out of my mind. I toss and turn, wishing I could have just one more bite. Since then, I try and make up for it by having other spicy food.( I had delicious pad Thai tonight...YUM!). However, in the back of my mind I still think of those shells. I fear the craving will only get worse with time. I fantasize about having a whole platter to myself. I even pictured myself bribing his mom to give me shells when ever I want them. They were that good!!!
 Sneaked one for a photo...Best part?...
I got to eat it afterward 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Feel of a Good Book

Working with my hands is definitely one of the perks of being an artist. I enjoy the feel of the brush on the canvas, the way the brush fits in my hands and even how paint somehow finds its way on my clothes.               However, what I hadn't noticed until now, was that this also transfers to other aspects of my life. For instance, reading a book. I love the way the book feels as I run my finger tips from line to line, the musty smell of the glued binding, and even the little notes left behind in an old book. I almost feel like so much of this is taken for granted these days with the introduction of electronic readers. Yes, they are fast and you can store tons of books in one single device. Plus lets face it, you are reading the exact same book..... However...are you really? To me, the experience itself is totally different. Maybe I'm just a traditionalist.... but, what I'm wondering is ...Does anyone else miss the real thing?...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ninja Monkey!!

I'm not sure where he came from, or why he's been creeping in my house the past couple days, but hes been getting into everything:
I first found him trying to attack my new rhinestone rings made from re-purposed fabric scraps. Don't worry though I stopped him before he did!
Then I found him trying to camouflage himself in some flowers. I don't think he realized they were my new felt flower hair pins!
Lucky for me I have super vision and spotted him before he really did any harm. However, one has to wonder where he will turn up next. .........Until next time ninja monkey!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

my jewelry packaging!!!!

This is the boxes and packaging each customer will receive when they shop with Strawberry Universe!
Earrings will be placed on these hand-made earring cards designed by me!

Each piece of jewelry will be wrapped in a pretty pink gift box

Thursday, May 5, 2011

the taming of the "wrist monsters"

 I used to dislike bracelets. I know its bad...a jewelry designer that hates bracelets. However, to me they were little monsters disguised in a pretty package. They either did one of two things: ...swallow your wrist or strangle your arm. Not to mention they grab on to everything and rip tons of tights daily. So you can imagine how difficult it was when my friends asked me to make bracelets with them. I was torn between two sides!...Of course I LOVE CRAFTING!! Anything that has to do with making stuff.. I'm there! could I not jump on the opportunity? however, one thing still remained... Could I get over the fact I had to make something I hated?
In the end I decided to go, but swore to myself  I was going to make something else. However, when I got there, I thought, "why not? Everyone else is enjoying bracelets...why can't I?" It turns out I actually had fun. While everyone was making stretchy bracelets, I got an idea... Ribbon! These are two of the bracelets that came out of the bead-athon with my friends. Bracelets my way...soft and comfy. I guess Bracelets really aren't that bad.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

the mysterious banana jam

       This should be a story about how I found a delicious new product I can't live without.. although this is true...that is only part of the story.... It begins in a market me and my friend Ashley found just a few days ago. It just so happened to be the only place open one night, in a little town near my house. We needed an interesting gift for our friend Kate and for some reason...the banana jam caught my eye. Ok...ok... I know why it sounded crazy awesome. Something you just had to try ...just because. We even asked the owner about it. Not knowing much, She told us it was a new item and it wasn't very popular.
       Being the banana lovers we are, we still bought was Kate's birthday, so.. we ended up just getting her one. At her party, I also got an opportunity to try it. It was amazing...banana bread in a jar and lets face it...all of our minds traveled to banana land and back. We even came up with our own perfect way to use it...mine was on top of banana bread. Double the banana flavor!!! 
      Afterward, I just knew I had to have some for myself. I went back the next day, only to find the jam missing and a different flavor in its place. There was also a different guy behind the desk. I questioned him...he looked in the back...but it was gone. He even replied, "it must be a popular item". WHAT? wasn't last night..!!! there was eight jars of it!!.Someone must have overheard us raving about it!! This was the only conclusion I could come to. Well....that.. and the owner lied and wanted a secret stash for herself. I just couldn't wrap my mind around it...where did it go?...why was this the only place around that sold it? ( believe me I checked) and Will I ever get any more of its sweet banana goodness?
...the quest for the mysterious banana jam continues...
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