Thursday, May 5, 2011

the taming of the "wrist monsters"

 I used to dislike bracelets. I know its bad...a jewelry designer that hates bracelets. However, to me they were little monsters disguised in a pretty package. They either did one of two things: ...swallow your wrist or strangle your arm. Not to mention they grab on to everything and rip tons of tights daily. So you can imagine how difficult it was when my friends asked me to make bracelets with them. I was torn between two sides!...Of course I LOVE CRAFTING!! Anything that has to do with making stuff.. I'm there! could I not jump on the opportunity? however, one thing still remained... Could I get over the fact I had to make something I hated?
In the end I decided to go, but swore to myself  I was going to make something else. However, when I got there, I thought, "why not? Everyone else is enjoying bracelets...why can't I?" It turns out I actually had fun. While everyone was making stretchy bracelets, I got an idea... Ribbon! These are two of the bracelets that came out of the bead-athon with my friends. Bracelets my way...soft and comfy. I guess Bracelets really aren't that bad.

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