Monday, February 28, 2011

I heart Spacey Tracy's

I was pleasantly surprised when my brother brought home a jar of Spacey Tracy's pickles. I am a huge pickle fan, so new pickles are definitely exciting to me! However when i tried these...I could not stop eating them...So far i have had one with every single meal...For some reason they go really good with chicken soup. These garlicky dills are sweet and tangy at the same time ,they are packed with flavor, and given the opportunity..I will probably finish off the jar. I also love that on the bottom there is huge pieces of garlic and herbs. You can really see the dill!.
Spacey Tracey's is also a small business! She started out in her own kitchen pickling for her family and friends right in Rhinebeck! Granted these are a little more pricey then your average store bought brand,( he got them 2 for 10 dollars) However, they are not average. I can not wait to try her other flavors!....She can be currently found at Adams, Red Hook IGA, Williams Lumber, and local farm markets. If you are a pickle fan def give these a try. Support small businesses!

1 comment:

  1. Those pickles sure do sound good. Can't wait to try one.


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